Update on Covid Restrictions for England from BRC dated 27th November 2020

From 2 December, BRC activities can resume across all Tiers. The table below shows the specific guidelines for
each type of activity in each Tier. You can find which Tier your area has been placed in here:
https://www.gov.uk/find-coronavirus-local-restrictions.   It should be noted that your individual Tier is taken
from your home address, not where your horse is kept.
Whilst sporting activity is permitted to resume in all three Tiers, it should be noted that associated travel
restrictions may govern what BRC activities can take place. As a general rule, people residing in Tier 1 can
travel to Tier 2 but must comply with Tier 2 rules whilst there i.e. numbers allowed to meet. People residing in
Tier 2 can travel to Tier 1 but must continue to comply with Tier 2 rules whilst there. There should be no unnecessary travel into or out of Tier 3. BRC activities would not be considered necessary travel, so whilst events
are permitted to be held in Tier 3 areas, they should only be attended by people residing within those areas.
Organisers should do their best to enforce these travel restrictions, however it remains the ultimate
responsibility of the individual.
Specific advice for horse owners, coaches, venues and riding schools can be found on the BHS website here: