Notice of ECRC AGM (by e mail exchange) on 3rd December, 2020

This year, with the Covid restrictions and current lockdown, our AGM will take the form of an e mail exchange between club members and the ECRC committee with the decisions on things like membership fee for 2021 and club awards being finalised on Thursday 3rdDecember. We will notify members of the outcome shortly after 3rdDecember and then we hope, subject to Covid rules, to be able to hand out club awards at our Xmas SJ competition on Sunday 20th December at Duchy College. (We will let you know where to return your 2019 trophies).

Members will have received an e mail and papers.

If you are not a club member but would like to provide feedback for the AGM, or indeed volunteer with the club, please message me on facebook me stating your comment and letting me know you are not a member.

Thank you very much indeed.

Ann Kinahan, Secretary, ECRC.