BRC Online Road Safety

Apologies for short notice!  Please see details of an online road safety course run by BRC below

We have a fantastic clinic running online this Wednesday at 7pm on Road Safety. We would really like to encourage participation in this clinic which is completely free for current BRC members. If you could please circulate this to all members of your Riding Club. To register for the clinic members simply need to email with their membership number. The clinic will be run via Starleaf and will be delivered by the BHS Safety Department.

Design a Pin Competition!

ECRC members
Now that spring is here and there is finally light at the end of the very long Covid tunnel, we are beginning to look forward to a new season of competitions and clinics.
With new beginnings in mind, your committee is delighted to announce the launch a competition open to all members of East Cornwall Riding Club.
We have decided that the time has come for our club to have its own lapel pin, to be issued to all existing members and to welcome new members as they join.  We are sure that there are some very artistic people among our membership, so it seemed only right to invite you all to get those creative juices flowing and come up with a pin design to represent ECRC.
There are just a few points to bear in mind when considering your design:
Our club colours are red and black, so these colours need to feature strongly.
Lovely as rainbow designs might be, production costs limit us to a maximum of 5 colours. So design choices are limited to red, black and two or three other colours. In case it’s helpful, British Riding Club colours are blue and gold.
Lapel pins are necessarily small, usually around 2 sq cm, so you’ll need to visualise how your design would look when reduced to this size.
Pins can be shaped so anything from horseshoes to horseboxes are possible – let your imaginations run wild!
Wording should include either ECRC, East Cornwall RC, or East Cornwall Riding Club. If space (and your creativity) allows, BRC Area 19 might also feature.
The competition will close on 14th April 2021 (the deadline has been extended from 31st March)  and the creator of the winning design will be rewarded with a year’s free club membership. Assuming you have already paid this year’s subscription, then the winner will be entitled to next year’s membership with no charge.
Please submit your designs as a photo or a document attached to an email to They don’t need to be elaborate, a quick sketch is fine, as long as it is clear enough to be interpreted.
All entries will be published on the club Facebook page for everyone to appreciate and ‘like’. The entries will be considered by your committee, while bearing the response to each design on Facebook in mind, and the winner duly announced. Pins will then go into production and we plan to distribute them during the coming competition season.
We are looking forward to seeing what clever and creative ideas emerge from you talented lot!
Good luck everyone!

**BRC Spotlight Series**

Today’s focus is on membership and a chance to highlight and appreciate the work of a club membership secretary as well as answer a few of your FAQs.
⭐️How do I find a riding club? A list of all affiliated clubs is in our Handbook. If the club has chosen to advertise through us, they can be found on our website Many also have their own website and/ or Facebook page.
⭐️Can I join BRC directly? Members mainly join through their riding clubs but there is the option to join us directly as an individual member, the cost for this is £25.
⭐️Does my membership automatically renew each year? No, you need to renew your membership each year with your riding club – this will not be done automatically.
⭐️What is the role of a membership secretary? To collect and organise all membership details for their club. Keep an up-to-date record of all members details. Submit membership information to BRC head office in the correct format, in a timely manner.
⭐️What skills does a membership secretary need? Attention to detail is a must. Also, a basic understanding of Excel is an advantage.
⭐️How much work is involved in being a membership secretary? This differs from club to club. The club sizes vary from 12 members to over 550! The role will be busiest towards the end of the year when members renew. Like the majority of riding club committee members, most membership secretaries are volunteers, who kindly give up their own time to support their riding club.
⭐️If I have a change of details how do I update this? This ideally should be updated through your riding club, as they maintain club records and update head office. We can make amendments to our database if contacted directly but you will still need to let your club know of any changes for their records directly too.
⭐️What are the benefits of being a member? Public Liability insurance while taking part in BRC organised events and activities. Access to national competitions, training activities and our range of competition leagues. Quarterly Rider magazine, which contains articles, information, competitions and discounts for BRC members on a range of equestrian products.

ECRC Pick & Mix Camp

ECRC Pick and Mix Training/Camping option

Open to Seniors and Juniors

4-6 June 2021

at Lowton Stud, Bondleigh, North Tawton, EX20 2AL

ECRC Pick and Mix Training

ECRC Booking form for Pick and Mix Camp

After the year we have had we are trying something new for our members to give them excellent Training and an affordable Riding Club Camp experience if they wish to stay.

We are offering Jump training with Andrew Lovell and Dressage Training with John Chubb in small groups.(caveat that in that if we get lots of members we may need to get an additional instructor)

Stables, Shower/Toilet facilities, Catering, Club House, Wifi.

It is called ‘Pick and Mix’ because we are giving you a lot of options:

You can come for a lesson, 1 day, 2 days or the whole weekend.

Each lesson is priced, cost of stable is priced, Shavings is priced or you can bring your own (you will need to bring feed/hay for your horse) Catering is priced by meal.

Running Friday Afternoon to Sunday Morning but if we have demand we can do Friday Morning and Sunday Afternoon

You pay for what you want just tick the relevant box on the booking form. You may just wish to do Dressage you don’t have to Jump or vice versa.

Camping is as glamping as you wish to make it, bring your own tent or lorry/trailer to sleep in. Juniors must come with an Adult.

Cost Breakdown       

Lessons                       £30 each

Catering                       £6 Breakfast/ Lunch. £13 evening meal

or DIY (no BBQ)

Stables                        £10 per night/day

Shavings                     £10 or bring your own