ECRC Virtual Dressage No 2 – Results


Huge thanks to everyone that took part,   to Emily Farleigh-Moran who kindly judged our competition, and to Caroline for organising. You should all have received your comments via Caroline.   Well done to everyone!  Again, do please send in any pics!

ECRC Virtual Dressage Results 1st- 6th

BRC Test


Walk and Trot

1st Amy Souch Bella

2nd Anna Hylands Victor

3rd Anna Hylands Charlie

4th Chantal Gardiner Cody

5th Neil Morton Tia

6th Sue Minchinton Patrick (aka its all my fault)


1st Florence Scards-Morgan Bonnie

2nd Millie Frost Flash

3rd Tilly Bassett Lunar

Seniors D2

1st Nicole Humphrey Tia

2nd Ann Kinahan Lottie

3rd Ann Kinahan Indie

4th Karen Sharpe Loobie

5th Pip James Bella


1st Fleur Jackson Ronnie

2nd Florence Scards-Morgan Bobbie

3rd Rosie Busby Toby

4th Fleur Jackson Cookie

Seniors  D3

1st Lisa Wootton Mitzie

2nd Caroline Wills Ginge

3rd Caroline Wills Spuds

4th Lierin Brice Luna

5th Chantal Gardiner Guardsman


1st Florence Scards-Morgan Bobbie

2nd Phoebe Frost Miss Marta

Seniors D10

1st Lisa Wootton Mitzi

2nd Liberty Turnball Jemima

3rd. Caroline Wills Spuds

4th. Chantal Gardiner Guardsman



1st Phoebe Frost Miss Marta

2nd Megan Busby Prince

AREA 19 : Padraig McCarthy XC Training St Leonards Equestrian Centre 21 June 2020 Cost £30

We are very lucky to have been able to obtain some Cross Country Training from Padraig McCarthy our local Irish Olympian .
St Leonards have provided the venue and gives us good ground with a range of fences ranging from 80 – 100.  If you would like to be considered please e mail Caroline Wills with completed application form below and return it to her at  before  Wednesday 17th June  

Application form
Contact email and phone no for you…………………………………………
Contact number and name for person to be contacted in case of emergency …………………………………………………………………….
HEIGHT and ​​​​​AGE of HORSE

• All places must be paid for in advance via BACS once you have been allocated a place
• No refunds will be given except in exceptional circumstances from when the groups/times go live onto the Area website even if we are holding a wait list
• Booking forms to be returned to: Caroline Wills via email as will need to be printed

• Only one person to accompany rider and must stay with vehicle
• Only the rider allowed on the course. (no spectators)
• No one to gather in a group
• You must leave at the end of the session within a reasonable to time (30 mins)
• Social Distancing to be observed at all times
• No toilet facilities available
• Groups will be in 4/5 along with coach
• Sessions 1.5 hours
• Riders must be on horses 15 mins before start of session and will be sent to a designated area away from finishing group. A member of the Area 19 team will be supervising ,

We recognise that this will be popular training and we need to try and spread the places out amongst the clubs. You will be told if you have a space on Wed 17th June and will be given BACS details to pay.

BRC Statement: Rescheduling of the Novice and Intermediate 2020 Winter Championships (Dressage and SJ)

Dear Members,

BRC and the Advisory Committee have been looking at the viability of rescheduling/carrying over qualifications for the above events. Originally, we felt that it would only be possible to do this with the Novice Championships. However, we are a member driven organisation and due to the feedback from our intermediate competitors we have reconsidered. With some changes to the format we feel able to run both the 2020 Novice and Intermediate Winter Championships alongside the 2021 Novice Championships at Arena UK, 26 – 29 March 2021. The 2021 Intermediate Winter Championship is unaffected and will take place as planned 23-25 April 2021 at Bury Farm.

The event will take place over four days with the 2021 Novice Championships occupying the weekend days and the 2020 Novice and Intermediate Championships taking place either side of this. Schedule and timings TBC. The FAQ document that accompanies this statement will detail the format, procedures for areas that did not run a qualifier and the rationale behind the decision not to reschedule for later this year.

As you can imagine, this will be a big undertaking and therefore we will need the membership to come together and help us along the way. We will no doubt require more volunteer support than usual, so anyone that is willing and able should email

It is also worth noting that the event will only go ahead if entries are sufficient, we have enough volunteers to run safely and if we are permitted to run an event of that scale under the government restrictions at the time.

Best Wishes,


NAF Five Star BRC Virtual Dressage

Just to let you know, BRC are also  running a virtual dressage competition, in addition to our own ECRC competition.  Full details below  (please note individual fee  £15 and team fee £39):

BRC are delighted to be working with Zvari Marketing & Excel Shows Team to bring you the BRC Exclusive Virtual Dressage Competition kindly sponsored by NAF.

Zvari & Excel have partnered with BRC to produce a fun but practical competition format for riding club teams and individuals, that will take place on 26 -28 June 2020 (footage to be sent in sooner)! With three individual classes including freestyle to music and two team competitions, there is certainly something for everyone. The series of programmes are scheduled to run across the BRC social platforms over the three days. With limited entries available why not check out the attached schedule for the full details and to make your entry.

Entries open Wednesday 20 May and are strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. Entries are limited.

In light of the current strains on the NHS and Equine Charities, through this event we are pleased to be supporting NHS Charities Together and the British Horse Society. The BHS continues to support approved riding centres and their incredible horses during this crisis. Aside from the main competition there is a separate competition with prizes for the clubs who fund raise the largest amount of money for our two chosen charities. Each club with representatives in the competition will be assigned their own club justgiving page as well as having access to the attached sponsorship form for your use.

Please note: In the unlikely event of this competition being cancelled (i.e. government restrictions dramatically changing) all entries will be refunded in full within 5 working days of notification of cancellation.

We look forward to welcoming you to this virtual event!

The competition schedule can be found here

The sponsorship form can be found here

For all general event enquiries please contact