Join Endurance GB For Free!

Endurance, like other sports, has all but been shut down for the last 12 to 15 months.  However, Endurance GB (EGB) are now starting to run rides again and with a bit of luck the situation will improve still further over the coming months.

Riding Club Membership of EGB is free of charge and allows the rider to compete in Pleasure Rides and Graded Endurance Rides of up to 40km. However, most importantly, to be confirmed as a Riding Club Member of EGB, you must be part of a team of at least three and a maximum of six combinations.  The team can be made up of combinations from one or more Riding Clubs.  The team must have a name and be declared to Jane and John Hudson as the organisers of the Endurance Team Event using the email address shown below.

We really hope that riding club members will be able to organise or become part of a team to take part in the Endurance Team Event, therefore participating in some of our rides this year.

If you do wish to become a Riding Club Member of EGB, then please email the following details:

Name of your Riding Club: East Cornwall Riding Club

Your Club Membership Number:

Your email address:

John & Jane Hudson