Spring In Hand & Showing Show Results

In-Hand Classes
Class 1
Lady Rose 1st
Class 2
Casper 1st
Lady Rose 2nd
Class 4
Kaydene whatever 1st
Mawwee miss Muffet 2nd
Casper 3rd
Class 5
Will 1st
Lady Rose 2nd
Mr Jay 3rd
Class 6
Mawee miss muffet 1st
Roger 2nd
Prince 3rd
Annie 4th
Bobby 5th
Class 7
Bobby 1st
Roger 2nd
Class 9
Willow 1st
Lady Rose 2nd
Mr Jay 3rd
Prince 4th
Champion Willow
Reserve Kaydence Whatever
Ridden Classes
Class 10
Lynard Hagro 1st
Glynwyn flash Gordon 2nd
Sean 3rd
Class 11
Sean 1st
Glynwyn Flash Gordon 2nd
Class 12
Dexter 1st
Minty class 2nd
Skybond mr Royal 2nd
Annie 4th
Class 13
Willoway golden 1st
Lynard Jubilee Hargo 2nd
Trufel Duchess 3rd
Glynwyn Flash Gordon 4th
Jayden Whatever 5th
Class 15
Skybond Mir Jubilee Royal 1st
Shanbally Ginger 2nd
Willoway Golden 3rd
Dexter 4th
Kilmoylan chance 5th
Class 17
Trufel Duchess 1st
Lynard Hago 2nd
Sean 3rd
Class 18
Willoway golden jubilee 1st
Hinty 2nd
Class 19
Shanbally ginger 1st
Jayden whatever 2nd
Kilmoylan chance 3rd
Champion Willoway Golden
Reserve Shanbally Ginger

ECRC Christmas Show Jumping Report – 20th December 2020

First of all please can I say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the competitors and helpers who came out yesterday.
What an amazing day, it ran so well with the stewards and riders all working together. What superb judges we had, they gave time for riders who had problems, the balance of correct rules and encouragement was fantastic, offering advice where needed. Thank you Steve and Jane.

With over 100 entries we always knew it would be a busy day, we allowed time for people to course walk and warm up and everyone was superb with arriving and competing, all with the most cheerful smiles. Some beautifully decorated horses and riders, one I heard say Christmas has thrown up on her…you know who you are lol .

The 60cm and 70cm were well attended with Tiffany Orme winning both, on 2 different horses, well done Tiff, fastest time over that course all day, Closely followed by Tiggie Witton with the lovely Jerry 2nd in both classes.
Our biggest class of over 30 rider was hotly contested, the judges decided to split into horses and ponies with only 2 ponies double clear and 5 horses.
Julia Bassett popped out for her annual Xmas Jumping event, rode a smooth considered round to win the 85cm with 5 seconds to spare. The last two classes were hotly contested with Evie Baker and Jasper taking
some superb turns to win both classes…with exactly the same time on the clock, so closely followed by Pheobe on Martha 2nd in both classes, both horses and riders were part of the winning Intermediate SJ team that won
their class at the qualifier last week. Well Done girls.

Full results will be posted on the Facebook page and ECRC website.
It has been a tough year for riders and organisers in 2020, so many events cancelled, often after hours of organising, so we were delighted to be able to run. We really hope to see you all at our Dressage on 17th January and Easter SJ on 7th March. Many of you competing at our show were not members, we would welcome you to join. £25 for a year from January to January, what a lovely present to give to someone, and members don’t forget to renew, lots to look forward to in 2021. Visit www.eastcornwallrc.co.uk many shows and clinics are already planned in the new year.
Class 1 – 60cm
1st Tiffany Orme – Flora. 2nd Tiggie Witton-One in a Million, 3 rd Josie Jackson-Joyton Chocolate Cookie, 4th Ellie
Hutchings-Penpont Serenade, 5th Tiffany Orme-Ashcliff Girl, 6th Laura Rackley – Lark
Class 2 – 70cm
1 st Tiffany Orme-Ashcliff Girl , 2nd Tiggie Witton-One in a Million, 3rd Chloe Baker-Taylor-Doug, 4th Margaret Best-
Moonshine, 5th Alice Oldland-Topaz, 6th Shannon Down Styalways Celestial Star.
Class 3 – 80cm – HORSES
1st Chloe Baker-Taylor-Doug, 2nd Lucy Corboy-Moss, 3rd Pippa Hobbs-Larry, 4th Margaret Best-Moonshine, 5th Rebecca Eadie-Roxy, 6th Charlotte Gingell-Rutleigh Princess Abbey.
Class 3 – 80cm – PONIES
1st Alice Oldland-Topaz, 2nd Rosie Busby-Ajax, 3rd Megan Pascoe-Star of Sully, 4th Daisy Swain-Alba, 5th Amy Souch-Bella, 6th Lizzy Rowlands-Troy
Class 4 – 85cm
1st Julia Bassett-Evie, 2nd Hannah Shute-Izmir, 3rd Chantal Gardiner-The Guardsman, 4th Fleur Jackson-Foxhills
Freedom, 5th Daisy Swain-Alba, 6th Florence Scard-Morgan-Bonnie
Class 5 – 90cm
1st Evie Baker-Kippure Jasper, 2nd Phoebe Frost-Martha, 3rd Chantal Gardiner-The Guardsman, 4th Katie Flanagan-Max, 5th Amy Blake-Robin, 6th Emilia Poet-Tilly
Class 6 – 1m
1st Evie Baker-Kippure Jasper, 2nd Phoebe Frost-Martha, 3rd Katie Flanagan-Max, 4th Hattie Congdon-Dominic, 5th Amy Blake-Robin, 6th Harriet Bunney-Villas get Busy.

Area19 Junior Day Report & Results December 2020

ECRC Junior Day Report 13.12.20

East Cornwall Juniors were on flying form again on Sunday 13th Dec 2020 for the Dressage and Show Jumping Qualifiers at Colraine.  Brave parents ventured out to support, drive, feed and comfort and celebrate with their kids on a very wet, windy and generally damp day and Boy was it worth it!  ECRC once again taking a host of team and individually places


Dressage we entered 2 x Novice teams and 1 x Intermediate team

Novice teams came 2nd  (Megan, Flo SM, Evie, Issy)  and 4th (Beth, Faith, Tegan FloW) and the Intermediate (Issy, Holly, Phoebe, Tegan) only went and won! Qualified for Intermediate Champs, Bury Farm April 2020.

Individually placings for:

Megan P2                         1st          Q  Ind

Flo Wickham P2               3rd

Flo Scard-Morgan P7      4th

Beth Stephens P7            5th

Tegan Holdaway P18      2nd

Isobel Thomas N27         1st          Q Ind

Faith Davey N24              2nd

Evie Baker N24                3rd

Tegan Holdaway N27     6th

Phoebe Frost N28           2nd

Isobel Thomas N24         1st

Holly Hale E42                 1st

Show Jumping

East Cornwall put forward 3 teams and 1 individual (90cm) for the SJ teams. 2 x Novice (80/85cm) 1 x Intermediate (90/95cm)



Megan Busby

Rosie Busby                      Ind 2nd

Fleur Jackson(Ronnie)    Ind 6th

Flo Scard-Morgan

Team RED

Bethany Stephens           Ind 1st

Flo Wickham                    Ind 4th

Fleur Jackson (cookie)

Annabella Smith

TEAM BLUE 1st and Qualified for Championships – March 2020 – Arena UK and Beth Stephens Individually.

Team RED were placed 3rd. With Rosie, Beth and (Hols Miya) riding the only double clears of the competition.


Isobel Thomas                               Ind 5th

Phoebe Frost                                 Ind 3rd

Evie Baker                                      Ind 1st

Faith Davey

Beth Stephens Individually.        Ind 6th

Team has qualified for the National Champs at Bury Farm April 2020. With Evie and (CTG Jacky) riding the only double clears in 90cm , with Evie smashing the time for the course over the whole day by a mile!

Report by Cathy Busby

Results Area Arena Eventing Qualifier at Bicton Arena 061220

WELL DONE ECRC – You did us proud.

It started as a very frosty morning for the Juniors and Seniors taking part in this qualifier, some having to be on site for 8am to walk the course and warm up (if we ever did)!

The 70cm class kicked off with Pat Hatch, Michelle Phillips, Pippa Hobbs, Tamsyn Morris and Rebecca Thom, It proved to be a challenging course. Michelle securing an Individual 10th place. Unfortunately no team qualified.

The 80cm Senior class consisted of Margaret Best, Amy Blake, Caroline Wills and Chantal Gardiner. The team secured a fantastic 2nd place (again).  It was frustrating for those riders for the 3rd year running. Individual places for Amy 5th and Margaret 8th.

80cm Junior Class.  ECRC put forward 2 teams, the older ones and the younger ones(mainly) Team BLUE Rosie Busby, Millie Frost, Faith Davey and Fleur Jackson. Team RED Megan Busby, Tegan Holdaway, Florence Scard-Morgan and Flo Wickham.

Fleur in her 1st RC qualifier smashed it for an Individual 1st place, with Tegan hot on her heels. Millie 5th and Megan 6th. Rosie 8th.  Team BLUE just pipped team RED to the team Qualifying space for Championships in March, with Tegan taking the Individual Qualifying slot.

The 90cm Senior class, Abi Baker, Margaret Best, Amy Bennallick and Sam Underwood secured Team 3rd with an Individual placing for Abi Baker, 2nd, for a qualifying place for champs.

The 90cm Junior team of Phoebe Frost, Beth Stephens, Beth Witton and Evie Baker continued the Juniors winning streak with a Team 1st place. Phoebe Individually 1st, Beth S Ind 2nd Beth W Ind 4th and Evie 5th showing what a consistent team they are. Special mention has to go to Phoebe, fully expecting to jump the 1m at the Q so kindly stepped down to fill the team when we realised our 4th rider had too many points. THANK YOU Phoebe,

The 1m class, Issy Thomas stepped up to this class and rode a storming round for an Individual 7th place

The Championships take place on 13th – 14th March at Aston-Le Walls.

Looking forward to seeing these teams strut their stuff again


East Cornwall Riding Club 2020 AGM 3 December, 2020

This year because of Covid restrictions the meeting was held by e mail exchange with members and the committee.  Please see draft minutes below.

Draft Minutes 2020 AGM

Key decisions included:

  1. Club Membership fee for 2021 will be held at £25 even though BRC has now increased the fee we have to pay for each member to £17.50.  Sadly,  ECRC cannot offer a discount this year.
  2.  Officers appointed for 2021  are:  Cynthia Robinson (Chair);  Brenda Williams (Treasurer); and Fiona Dalton (Secretary).  The other committee members are Cathy Busby,  Pat Hatch,  Tracey Baker, Vanessa Hunt, Karen Turpin,  Katherine Moore, Joanna Somerset,  Jules Uniacke and Wendy Graves.  Do please contact any of them with your ideas for 2021.
  3. Awards for 2020 go to:

    Most Improved Horse: Tegan Holdaway’s Lonsdales Earl
    Most ImprovedRider: Katrina Jago
    Most Improved DressageRider: Milly Frost
    Most Supportive Person: Katherine Moore

    ChairsChoice Awards 2020:
    Senior : Caroline wills
    Senior: Chantel Gardner
    Junior : Holly Hale

Congratulations to all the above.  Awards, and rosettes from the two virtual dressage competitions, can be collected if you are attending the Christmas show jumping on 20th December or after from Hacks,  Saltash.  Please return any cups you are holding (nicely shined up!)  to Hacks in Saltash before the 20th December.

A tricky year but we have achieved a lot together, thank you so much for taking part . Don’t forget the Christmas Show jumping on Sunday 20th December (advanced entries only).

On a more personal note,  I am saying farewell now to  both club and committee members as I step down both from the secretary role and from the committee.  Our three horses are now largely retired but we have all had such fun together through the riding club.  I miss competing them more than I can say and find it hard to watch you all having so much fun out there.  However you have been a fantastic group to work with so I shall cherish the memories.

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a much more positive 2021.

Ann Kinahan