BRC Horse Trials Championships Swalcliffe – 2nd to 4th August, 2019

Just returned from the Horse Trials championships in Swalcliffe which were held 2-4th August.

Our junior 80 team of Millie Frost, Tamsyn Morris (both at their first championships) and Abi Cox represented the club amazingly. No team placing but a fab 7th in her arena for Tamsyn. Great company, lots of smiles, team spirit and personal achievements for the girls. All rode brilliantly especially on the xc which was definitely a challenge and up to height!

Evie Baker (continued below photos)

competed as a junior individual in the 90. A dressage of 30.8 had her lying 3rd, an unfortunate pole pushed her down to 4th overnight.  She had never undertaken road and tracks before but completed within time and getting Jasper’s heart rate back down to be given all clear by vets to
She completed the cross country phase, 19 fences and 25 jumping efforts flying  around clear picking up just 0.8 time faults for being too fast! Final placing was an amazing 2nd! Thank you so much to the club for all their support!

July Evening SJ Lower Tokenbury – Results

On Thursday 11th July we held a further show jumping event at Lower Tokenbury by kind permission of Richard Lucas.  A fantastic course was built by Richard and the field was once again immaculately presented, with good grass cover in the arena.
Unfortunately, following many sunny days, we had some light rain during the evening, which made the ground a little slippery but all competitors rode superbly and all the horses enjoyed their show jumping.
Thank you to Louise Congdon for judging, Sarah Congdon for completing the entries and to Katherine Moore who stepped in last minute to support the club as the first aider.  Thank you to all of the competitors who turned out.
Class 1 65cm
1st Fleur Jackson and Cookie Junior – junior
Class 2 70cm
1st Lucy Thomas and Carrot – non-member
2nd Fleur Jackson and Ronnie – junior
Class 3 80cm
1st Evie Baker and Jasper – junior
2nd Flo Wickham and Eddie – junior
3rd Abi Baker and Patrick – junior
4th Holly Hutt and Levis – Non member
5th Fleur Jackson and Ronnie – junior
6th Chloe Powell-Thomas and Norman – non- member
Class 4 90cm
1st Izzy Thomas and Sammy – non-member
2nd Chloe Powell-Thomas and Norman – non-member
3rd Abi Baker and Patrick – junior
4th Evie Baker and Jasper – junior
5th Flo Wickham and Eddie – junior
Class 5 100cm
1st Abi Baker and Patrick – junior

ECRC Dressage Results – 18th July, 2019, Lower Tokenbury

(See Gallery for other pics from July dressage)

Another great evening up at this lovely venue – a big thank you again to Richard, Ros and Abi Lucas for hosting; to Val Walkden for judging and for our wonderful volunteers who made the event run smoothly:

Writer: Emily Fisher
Scorers : Mandy Wiley and
Gill Ross ( committee member)
Steward : Anouska Honicke


Intro C
Karen Sharpe 1st 73.26 loobie  M
Katherine Moore 2nd 69.78 Pythagoras Theorem M
Louise Faull 3rd 68.69  Rhosygarreg Diamond N/M
Nikkita Tattershaw 4th 65.21  Bandit N/M

Sadie Pearce 1st 74.54 Sambucca N/M
Nicole Harding 2nd Tara 72.72 M
Nicole Harding 3rd Alba 71.36 M
Jade Burt 4th Smokie 70.00 N/M
Liberty Turnbull 5th
Katherine Moore 6th Pythagoras Theorem 67.72 M
Florence Scard- Morgan 7th Bobby 67.27 M
Pip James 8th Bella 63.40 N/M
Katie Polglase 9th The colour of Magic 62.27 N/M
Sarah Turner 10th Bailey 61.59 N/M

Sadie Pearce 1st Sambucca 76.87 N/M
Nicole Harding 2nd Alba 73.12 M
Liberty Turnbull 3rd 71.66 M
Jade Burt 4th Smokie 71.66 N/M
Maria Osborne 5th Jock 71.25 M
Sarah Turner 6th Bailey 68.54 N/M
Florence Scard- Morgan 7th Bobby 67.50 M
Kaitlyn Faull 8th Rhosygarreg Diamond 63.33 N/M
Pip James 9th Bella 62.91 N/M
Natalie Thompson- Clarke 10th Lydia 61.87 N/M

Nicole Harding 1st Tara 70.38 N/M
Molly Frank 2nd Tzora 66.73 M                                                                                                       Natalie Thompson- Clarke 3rd Lydia   62.88 N/M

Junior SJ Q and Dressage June 2019

Cynthia organised teams for this.   We had one 90 team and one individual.   The team consisted of Kathryn Coleman, phoebe frost, Evie Baker and Beth Witton. The individual was Rebecca Reid. The team was 2nd and we had some good individual results with Evie 2nd, Beth 4th and Rebecca 5th.

Our 80 team won the Red rosettes well done. Milly Frost, Demelza Morris, Tamsyn Morris and Abi Cox with Abi also individual 3rd.

Awesome results Ladies

Caroline Wills


Results Evening Dressage – Tokenbury 27th June, 2019

Another lovely evening in the sun at Lower Tokenbury for the second of our Summer Dressage competitions.  A big thank you again to Richard, Ros and Abi Lucas for preparing the venue for us so well and to our volunteer scorer, Mandy Willey, and writer, Emily Fisher, who worked so hard throughout the evening to support Cynthia (organiser) and Val Walkden, our wonderful judge.  Results below:


Intro B
Fleur  jackson 1st 67.60 Ronnie
Sarah Turner 2nd 65.86 Bailey
Amie Hunter 3rd 65.65 Toby
Sarah Congdon = 4th Nigel
Fleur Jackson = 4th  Cookie

Kate Jackson 1st 72.24
Sarah Turner 2nd 67.41 Bailey
Susan Ezra 3rd 67.06 Charlie
Karen Turpin 4th 64.65 Tori
Sarah Congdon 5th 63.27 Nigel

Ann Kinahan 1st 68.54 Lottie
Maria Osborne 2nd 67.79 Jock
Karen Turpin 3rd 67.70 Tori
Susan Ezra 4th 65.83 Charlie

Mel Wilton 1st 68.57 Jock