ECRC Virtual Dressage No 2 – Results


Huge thanks to everyone that took part,   to Emily Farleigh-Moran who kindly judged our competition, and to Caroline for organising. You should all have received your comments via Caroline.   Well done to everyone!  Again, do please send in any pics!

ECRC Virtual Dressage Results 1st- 6th

BRC Test


Walk and Trot

1st Amy Souch Bella

2nd Anna Hylands Victor

3rd Anna Hylands Charlie

4th Chantal Gardiner Cody

5th Neil Morton Tia

6th Sue Minchinton Patrick (aka its all my fault)


1st Florence Scards-Morgan Bonnie

2nd Millie Frost Flash

3rd Tilly Bassett Lunar

Seniors D2

1st Nicole Humphrey Tia

2nd Ann Kinahan Lottie

3rd Ann Kinahan Indie

4th Karen Sharpe Loobie

5th Pip James Bella


1st Fleur Jackson Ronnie

2nd Florence Scards-Morgan Bobbie

3rd Rosie Busby Toby

4th Fleur Jackson Cookie

Seniors  D3

1st Lisa Wootton Mitzie

2nd Caroline Wills Ginge

3rd Caroline Wills Spuds

4th Lierin Brice Luna

5th Chantal Gardiner Guardsman


1st Florence Scards-Morgan Bobbie

2nd Phoebe Frost Miss Marta

Seniors D10

1st Lisa Wootton Mitzi

2nd Liberty Turnball Jemima

3rd. Caroline Wills Spuds

4th. Chantal Gardiner Guardsman



1st Phoebe Frost Miss Marta

2nd Megan Busby Prince