ECRC News from Cynthia – April 2020

ECRC would like to wish all our members a very Happy Easter – I thought I’d try to start with something cheerful in this current time.
Unfortunately due to the lock-down we have had to postpone  all our current club programme and senior camp being one of the latest casualties.  We are hoping as soon as British Riding Clubs gives us the nod to go ahead, we will resume all activities . We are aiming to try and reschedule as much of our program as we can, this of course depends on when the lock-down is lifted.
We are currently running two photo competitions  on our ECRC Facebook page.  Thank you to Caroline Wills for the idea and Brenda Williams agreeing to Judge,  there is still time to upload your photos. BRC is also running various photo competitions.  If any of our members can think of some fun ideas , please contact a committee member. Details can be found on our ECRC website.
That just leaves me and the whole of the committee to  wish you again a Happy Easter  and fingers crossed that normal activities will resume in the near and not to distance future.

Please continue to check website and Facebook for updates.

Stay safe,
Cynthia Robinson ECRC Chair