ECRC Dressage Times 25th April 2021

ECRC Dressage Times Sunday 25th April 2021

Sheets will be available to collect outside the café – Please follow BRC Covid guidelines – Ride, Compete, clean up after your horse and leave as soon as possible. Good luck and stay safe

Intro A 2008

Time Rider Horse

10.00 Wendy Graves Riot

10.06 Megan Dalton Master Harlequin

10.12 Anna Lewis Petal

10.18 Helen Gill Lad

10.24 Lowenna Willcocks Darzona Mabe A Ros (test being ridden twice)

09.30 Juliette Huckstep Balgarry

10.36 Anna Hylands Railway Vic

10.42 Imogen Gingell Rutleigh Jack

10.48 Mary Howlett Lockdown

10.54 Diane Cox Merlin

11.00 Lowenna Willcocks Darzona Mabe A Ros (Second test)

11.06 Rhea Isom I should coco

11.12 Lucy Sara Maesmymach Anlywl

11.18 Andra Sandford Javito

11.24 Lucy Willetts Trebedw Xavier

Prelim 1 2006

Time Rider Horse

11.30 Suzanne Nunn Captain my Captain (Two tests this one to count)

11.36 Lucy Sara Maesmymach Anlywl

11.42 Juliette Huckstep Balgarry

11.48 Anna Hylands Railway Vic

11.54 Abi Cox Gracie

12.00 Diane Cox Merlin

12.06 Mary Howlett Lockdown

12.12 Imogen Gingell Rutleigh Jack

12.18 Travis Turner Nite Owl

12.24 Suzanne Nunn Captain my Captain ( Second test to be ridden in a side saddle)

12.30 Keira Elliot Midnight

12.36 Alice Kodritsch Villis Fitzwilliam

12.42 Charlotte Gingell Rutleigh Princess Abbey

12.48 Andra Sandford Javito

12.54 Lucy Willetts Trebedw Xavier

Prelim 2 2016

Time Rider Horse

13.12 Rhea Isom Simply Dreaming

13.19 Charlotte Gingell Rutleigh Princess Abbey

13.26 Alice Kodritsch Villis Fitzwilliam

13.34 Claire Knight Mango

13.41 Travis Turner Jethro S

13.48 Anna King Hard Yakka

13.56 Lauree Morrish Rhani

14.03 Carla Keeling Aprils Blizzard

Novice 28 2008

Time Rider Horse

14.12 Claire Knight Mango

14.19 Anna King Hard Yakka

14.27 Lauree Morrish Rhani

14.34 Carla Keeling Aprils Blizzard

14.41 Jane Hurrell TBC

14.49 Keith Brown Dee

Novice 30 2006

Time Rider Horse

15.00 Pippa Hobbs Larry

15.07 Jane Hurrell TBC ?

15.14 Diane Morgan Tilo

15.21 Katie Polglase Colour of magic

15.28 Keith Brown Dee

E42 2008

Time Rider Horse

15.38 Bradley Moore – Taylor Zara

15.45 Pippa Hobbs Larry

15.52 Diane Morgan Til