ECRC Dressage Results – 18th July, 2019, Lower Tokenbury

(See Gallery for other pics from July dressage)

Another great evening up at this lovely venue – a big thank you again to Richard, Ros and Abi Lucas for hosting; to Val Walkden for judging and for our wonderful volunteers who made the event run smoothly:

Writer: Emily Fisher
Scorers : Mandy Wiley and
Gill Ross ( committee member)
Steward : Anouska Honicke


Intro C
Karen Sharpe 1st 73.26 loobie  M
Katherine Moore 2nd 69.78 Pythagoras Theorem M
Louise Faull 3rd 68.69  Rhosygarreg Diamond N/M
Nikkita Tattershaw 4th 65.21  Bandit N/M

Sadie Pearce 1st 74.54 Sambucca N/M
Nicole Harding 2nd Tara 72.72 M
Nicole Harding 3rd Alba 71.36 M
Jade Burt 4th Smokie 70.00 N/M
Liberty Turnbull 5th
Katherine Moore 6th Pythagoras Theorem 67.72 M
Florence Scard- Morgan 7th Bobby 67.27 M
Pip James 8th Bella 63.40 N/M
Katie Polglase 9th The colour of Magic 62.27 N/M
Sarah Turner 10th Bailey 61.59 N/M

Sadie Pearce 1st Sambucca 76.87 N/M
Nicole Harding 2nd Alba 73.12 M
Liberty Turnbull 3rd 71.66 M
Jade Burt 4th Smokie 71.66 N/M
Maria Osborne 5th Jock 71.25 M
Sarah Turner 6th Bailey 68.54 N/M
Florence Scard- Morgan 7th Bobby 67.50 M
Kaitlyn Faull 8th Rhosygarreg Diamond 63.33 N/M
Pip James 9th Bella 62.91 N/M
Natalie Thompson- Clarke 10th Lydia 61.87 N/M

Nicole Harding 1st Tara 70.38 N/M
Molly Frank 2nd Tzora 66.73 M                                                                                                       Natalie Thompson- Clarke 3rd Lydia   62.88 N/M