ECRC Dressage Competition – 23 February 2020 – Results

Sunday 23rd February 2020 saw the first ECRC  competition of the year.  Results are set out below.

Thank you to Val Walkden for judging and to her  husband for stepping in at the last minute to ‘ write’;  to Kathryn Moore for stewarding and covering first aid ( fortunately not required); to
Ellie Robinson for adding up all the dressage scores;  to Cornish Maids Catering,  as always providing lovely food; and not forgetting all the lovely competitors that entered and did extra tests.
Thankfully, the weather turned out to be not as originally  forecast.  It was  dry and the sun even made an appearance.


Turn out of riders and horses , was ( as always) perfection and there were lots of personal bests. . It was lovely to meet new members and put faces to names.
A massive well done to you all ….

Cynthia Robinson ECRC Chair and show organiser.


BE 100
1st Sadie Peace  76.25
2nd Phoebe Frost 68.5

1st Sadie Pearce  78.46

1st Jacqui Courtier 65.25
2nd Phoebe Frost  64.5

Intro A
1st Georgia Ryder 67.39
2nd Eloise Ellis 67.17
3rd  Milly Frost 65.86
4th Natalie Thompson – Clarke 65.65
5th Anuschka Honig 65

Intro B
1st Rebecca O’Neil 68.47
2nd Natalie Thompson – Clarke 68.04
3rd Georgia Ryder 66.30
4th  = Milly Frost 66.08
4th = Jacqui Courtier 66.08
5th Anuschka Honig 65.21
6th Cirsty Jones 64.34

1st Kiera Elliot 71.55
2nd Rebecca O’ Neill 69.65
3rd Pip Tunnell 62.58
4th Cirsty Jones 61.37

1st Kiera Elliot 70.68
2nd Eloise Ellis 62.72
3rd 62.50