**BRC Spotlight Series**

Today’s focus is on membership and a chance to highlight and appreciate the work of a club membership secretary as well as answer a few of your FAQs.
⭐️How do I find a riding club? A list of all affiliated clubs is in our Handbook. If the club has chosen to advertise through us, they can be found on our website www.bhs.org.uk/enjoy-riding/british-riding-clubs/find-a-riding-club. Many also have their own website and/ or Facebook page.
⭐️Can I join BRC directly? Members mainly join through their riding clubs but there is the option to join us directly as an individual member, the cost for this is £25.
⭐️Does my membership automatically renew each year? No, you need to renew your membership each year with your riding club – this will not be done automatically.
⭐️What is the role of a membership secretary? To collect and organise all membership details for their club. Keep an up-to-date record of all members details. Submit membership information to BRC head office in the correct format, in a timely manner.
⭐️What skills does a membership secretary need? Attention to detail is a must. Also, a basic understanding of Excel is an advantage.
⭐️How much work is involved in being a membership secretary? This differs from club to club. The club sizes vary from 12 members to over 550! The role will be busiest towards the end of the year when members renew. Like the majority of riding club committee members, most membership secretaries are volunteers, who kindly give up their own time to support their riding club.
⭐️If I have a change of details how do I update this? This ideally should be updated through your riding club, as they maintain club records and update head office. We can make amendments to our database if contacted directly but you will still need to let your club know of any changes for their records directly too.
⭐️What are the benefits of being a member? Public Liability insurance while taking part in BRC organised events and activities. Access to national competitions, training activities and our range of competition leagues. Quarterly Rider magazine, which contains articles, information, competitions and discounts for BRC members on a range of equestrian products.