BRC Spotlight Series: Riding Tests

Over the coming weeks we will be doing a weekly spotlight on benefits of being a BRC member and what we have to offer as well as general rules and regulations. Today’s focus is the BRC Riding Test.

?What is a Riding Test? BRC Riding Tests are judged on the competence of the rider and their influence on the horse or pony, not as a Dressage Test. Although the same scale of marks is given. The judge will watch the rider continuously and then give marks for each directive.

?Where can I enter these? Riding Test classes are only run at the National Championships, so you will be able to enter these at your area qualifier for these championships. Riding Test classes can also be run at club level competitions.

?Will it be marked on a normal score sheet? No, we use our own score sheets for these competitions which give a mark for each directive and then an overall comment at the end.

?What level will the dressage test be? We run a Riding Test for Prelim and Novice levels at qualifier and championship level.

?How do I know if I am eligible? Eligibility criteria can be found in the National Championships section of the eligibility table in the current BRC Handbook, appendix 2&