BRC Spotlight Series – Flu Vaccinations and Microchipping

Over the coming weeks we will be doing a weekly spotlight on benefits of being a BRC member and what we have to offer as well as general rules and regulations. Today’s focus is the BRC rules on horses Flu Vaccinations and Microchipping and below are some of your frequently asked questions.

?Does my horse need to be up to date on vaccinations? For area qualifiers and championships, horses must be vaccinated in accordance with the current BRC Handbook.

?Why does my horse need to be microchipped? In England, as of 1 October 2020, it is law to have your horse microchipped. For Scotland this will become law on 28 March 2021 and for Wales, on the 12 February 2021, however please note that if you are attending a BRC competition in England, you will be required to have your horse microchipped as per the England legislation regardless of where the horse resides. Please see this link for further information:

?Does my horse need to be vaccinated every 6 months? No, BRC accept annual vaccinations. Horses must however be vaccinated within 6 months and 21 days of the date of the competition they are entered in. For example, if the competition is due to be held on 28 September 2020 the horse must have been vaccinated within the previous 6 months and 21 days of this date, so therefore must’ve been vaccinated after the 7 March 2020.

?Can I check my own passport before competing? Yes, of course! We have an excel Flu Vaccination checker where you can check the initial vaccinations. On this document you can also put in the date of the competition to see when you last needed a vaccination to be within 6 months and 21 days of the competition. This checker can be found here:

?How long after a vaccination can my horse compete? No injection can be given within 6 days of entering stables or competing. Therefore, if your horse was vaccinated on a Friday, it would not be permitted to enter the stables or compete until the following Friday.

?What gaps do I need between vaccinations for the initial set up? The first two vaccinations must be 21-92 days apart and the third injection must be 150-215 days after the second.

?After the three vaccinations in the set-up, how often do I need to vaccinate? BRC require annual boosters so these must be given on or within a year.

?Does my horse need all three primary injections to compete? No, your horse can compete after having the first two primary injections.

?My vet wrote the date down wrong, can this be amended? Yes, you will need to get your vet to rewrite the date and sign it. It would also be worth keeping a headed paper document with the date of the vaccination from the vets in case it gets questioned.

?If my booster is a day late, can I still compete? No, you will need to get your horses vaccinations restarted.

?I have the boosters but not the initial vaccinations, is that ok? No, BRC require the full history of vaccinations including the initial set up so this must be presented at the competition.