Results ECRC XMAS SJ – Duchy College 9th December, 2019

Great turn out on Sunday,  competent riding, and some wonderful fancy dress!   Results were as follows:

Erin Voyzey : Mitzi – non mem
Katie Nicholas : Jess – non mem
Julie Cameron : Ruddy – Sr mem ?
Tiffany Ormie : Vinnie – non mem
Amy Bennallick : Holly – non mem
Kensa Cameron : Piceolo – non mem

Class 2
Rosie Busby : Bee – non mem
Julie Cameron: Ruddy – Sr  mem ?
Amy Gilbert : Benji – non mem
Kensa Cameron: Piccolo – non mem
Mary Howlet: Cash – Sr mem ?
Daisy Swain : midnight Blue – non mem

Class 3 Pairs
1st Tilly Bassett: Bella ( Black) Jr mem
Daisy swain : midnight Blue  – non mem

2nd Julie Swain
Julia Bassett : Evie – Sr mem

3rd Amy Gilbert: non mem
Tiff Orme: non mem

4th Julie Cameron: Ruddy – Sr Mem ?
Mary Howlet : Cash – Sr mem ?

5th Sam Turvy : non mem
Alex Drew : non mem

6th Erin Voyzey: non mem
Hattie Drake : non mem

Class 4
Julia Bassett: Evie – Sr mem
Tilly Bassett: Bella ( black) Jr mem
Sarah Turner : monty – non mem
Pat Hatch : Bee – Sr mem
Any Bannalick: Lilly –  non mem
Sally Robert : Storm – non mem

Class 5
Fiona Renfree: viral fizz – Sr mem
Sally Robert: Storm – non mem ?
Flo wickham: Eddie – Jr mem
Sydney Bond: Tara – Jr mem
Sarah Turner: monty- non mem
Ellie Wright: Ginny – non mem

Class 6
Tilly Bassett : Bella ( Grey) Jr mem
Isabella Thomas: Sammy – non mem
Evie Baker : Jasper- Jr mem
Issy Galvin : Puinaj – non mem
Fiona Renfree: Vital fizz – Sr mem

Class 7
Fiona Renfree: viral fizz – Sr mem


Arena Eventing Qualifier – 24th and 25th November, 2018

Senior Results

We had 2 80 Senior teams on the Saturday and the Arena was very flooded so it was proper eventing jumping out of water both in the SJ elements as well as the XC. Our Red team came 2nd leading the competition from the front until the very end when we were pipped to the post. The team was Cynthia, Caroline, Chantal and Pat. The Blue team of Lauree, Beata and Keira was less successful but we all had a blast. Our 100 team had a dry arena and ran over both the Sat and Sun with Ellie riding on the Sat, Sun had Nicole (who also got 6th in 80) Annabel and Olivia (junior) who had an amazing team result of Second. We had one individual senior 70 Lucy who was a fab 2nd. So from a senior perspective it was a Blue Rossie weekend. Well done all.

Junior Results

JR 80’ Team : 3rd
Demelza Morris 8th
Sydney Bond 2nd
Flo Wickham
Flo Scard-Morgan

JR 90’ Team: 2nd
Abi Baker
Evie Baker 5th
Phoebe Frost 3rd
Tamsyn Morris 7th

JR 100’ mix team
Olivia Marriott 7th