Senior Novice Dressage and Senior SJ Q – Colraine, March 2019

The real result today was that we managed to field a team at all for these two competitions at Colraine given the 50 mph winds making themselves felt down the A30.  We all agreed the night before that  Keira, a key member of both the dressage and SJ teams, could not attempt the journey safely towing a trailer.  Chantal kindly agreed to take her place in the dressage team (as well as riding her own individual test) and the SJ team was down to three.

Given that, and some very difficult personal circumstances for Cynthia, we were delighted to achieve a team third place for the dressage (Lauree indiv 2nd; Cynthia indiv 3rd; Ann indiv 5th and Chantal indiv 7th) and a team fourth place for the Show Jumping.

Congratulations to all involved and especially to our team captains, Caroline and Pat, for persisting and getting us to the starting line.